End User Training

End-user training is an important factor in the successful implementation of an ERP systems. If end-users don’t know how to use SYSPRO, you will not get the desired results from your ERP system. End-user ERP training, unlike other programs, is required to ensure that the end-users understand different aspects of SYSPRO.

At Forth Technology, we customize our training schedule as per your organizational needs. We can implement a train-the-trainer approach or direct end-user training sessions.

Importance of end user training:
For an ERP implementation to be successful, it is important that users know how to use the system and enter data accurately
Employees can do their work efficiently and competently. They perform their job using less resources, money, and time, producing higher quality work
Users can utilize the functionality of SYSPRO without any help from others thus saving cost and time
Risk of incorrect data being entered is reduced thus producing accurate reports for management to review
Helps employees take full advantage of SYSPRO ERP
Prevents downtime caused by errors in the system
Teaches all users to prevent problems in the ERP
Increases adoption of the ERP across the company
Enables employees to understand their work’s relation to other functional areas of the organization

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