The success of an ERP implementation is measured using metrics such as initial software and implementation cost, ongoing maintenance cost, and return on investment. However, the current competitive business climate requires additional metrics such as disruptions in operations, impact on productivity, and the level of ERP adoption across the enterprise to accurately measure the success of an ERP Implementation.

We’ve all heard stories about failed ERP implementations going over -budget and time causing operational delay and worse. Forth Technology Consulting helps companies avoid these mistakes by leveraging our team of experienced ERP consultants and using SYSPRO’s lean and proven ERP implementation methodology.

SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning System

ERP systems are used by almost every department in a company, hence a successful ERP implementation is vital. Forth Technology Consulting’s team helps companies avoid implementation failures by managing complexity, risk, and data integration challenges.

Implementation Methodology

We use lean and proven ERP Implementation methodology which is tailored for each client to meet their needs. Our experienced consultants guide you through the whole implementation process which frees up company resources to focus on day to day operations.

In-house Expertise

Most companies don’t have an ERP expert in-house. Our consultants have expertise in all areas of SYSPRO ERP. We also provide project management, business consultation, business process review, hosting, end user training, data conversion, and custom development services.

A Team Effort

Successful ERP implementations occur when company resources are fully engaged in the process. Forth Technology consultants helps you every step of the way to align your resources and meet project goals.


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